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We are a recognised UK Immigration Experts firm in global immigration services since 2012, with extensive experience in immigration matters.

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UK Immigration Advice Line

Explore your UK immigration journey with confidence through our dedicated Immigration Advice Line. Our UK Immigration experts experienced consultants provide personalised guidance, answering your queries and ensuring a smooth path to your desired visa and residency solutions.

UK Business Visas

Unlock opportunities in the UK business landscape with our specialized UK Business Visa services. Our expert team navigates the intricacies of the application process, ensuring your seamless entry for investment, expansion, or entrepreneurial ventures.

UK Work Visas

Realise your professional aspirations in the UK with our tailored Work Visa assistance and UK Immigration Experts. Our skilled advisors streamline the application process, guiding you toward a successful work authorization for a fulfilling career journey.

UK Family Visas

Reunite your loved ones in the UK through our dedicated Family Visa support. Our compassionate team simplifies the complex application process, ensuring a smooth pathway for family members to join and create cherished memories together.

UK Residency

Secure your place in the UK with our comprehensive Residency solutions. Our knowledgeable consultants navigate the legal requirements, guiding you toward a successful application for long-term residency, enabling you to call the UK your home

UK Visitors

Experience the best of the UK as a visitor with our expert guidance. Our tailored UK Visitors services facilitate a hassle-free journey, ensuring you make the most of your stay while exploring the vibrant culture and landmarks.


Immigration Secure Ltd is a well-established immigration advisory firm specialising in International Immigration Services, focusing on personal service to our clients. We are a recognised UK firm in global immigration services since 2012, with extensive experience in immigration matters.

We take pride in our work. Our advisors and supporting staff are dedicated to maintaining our core values:

  • We pride ourselves on our professional and personalised service.
  • We only give honest advice.
  • Our high-quality service is at the centre of what we do and believes.
  • We are approachable and friendly
  • We value our clients and always treat our clients with respect and dignity
  • Our fees are most competitive, transparent with no hidden surprises

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Our staff of immigration advisors is fully qualified to assist you whether you want to move to the UK for a job, to start a business, to be with family, or to become a permanent resident.

Our Happy Clients

Rumman Shahid Nizami

“Thanks to Mari and the Immigration Secure team for their excellent service, they are very good at their work and will make sure that everything is perfectly managed. they guided us through every query and gave us peace of mind with the application process. Will definitely take their help again and I do highly recommend their professional services. !”

Willem Loots

“Immigartion Secure managed our settlement process professionally. Mari’s accurate guidance throughout ensured we knew what to expect at each turn”

Patricia Muller

“We have used Mari to assist us in registering as a sponsor.” She did a fabulous job in assisting not only us but also the applicant in ensuring that the requirements were met and suitable evidence. Immigration may be murky waters and it’s great to have someone clearing them for your. HIGHLY recommended.”

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