A Guide to the Register of Licensed Sponsors List 2024

The Guide to the Register of Licensed Sponsors List 2024, formerly known as the Tier 2 sponsor list, serves as a comprehensive public record of UK organisations holding valid sponsorship licences. Managed by the Home Office, this list plays a crucial role in identifying employers with the necessary permissions to sponsor workers under various visa routes, including the Skilled Worker visa and other temporary work visas.

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Utilising the Sponsor Licence List for Job Seekers

For individuals seeking visa sponsorship in the UK, the Register of Licensed Sponsors is an invaluable tool. Before applying for a sponsorship visa, prospective applicants must secure sponsorship from a qualifying UK employer. The sponsor licence enables organisations to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship. A prerequisite for applying for a visa from the Home Office.

The list provides detailed information, including the organisation’s full name, address, and licence type (Worker and/or Temporary Worker). Additionally, it specifies the visa routes the organisation is authorised to sponsor, such as Skilled Worker, Global Business Mobility, and more.

Explore the Home Office register of licensed sponsors here.

Understanding Sponsorship Ratings

Upon approval of a company’s sponsorship licence. An A-rated sponsor licence is issued, allowing the issuance of Certificates of Sponsorship and the hiring of eligible migrant workers. However, companies can face a downgrade to a B-rating as a penalty for breaching sponsor licence compliance duties. B-rated companies are temporarily barred from issuing new Certificates of Sponsorship until they rectify issues and regain an A-rating.

Companies Not on the Sponsor List

While a company may initiate the recruitment process without being on the sponsor list. Obtaining a sponsor licence and being listed on the Register of Sponsors is mandatory before issuing Certificates of Sponsorship to migrant workers.

Job Eligibility and Visa Application

Securing a sponsor is only part of the process; the offered job must align with the requirements of the chosen visa route. For example, a Skilled Worker visa requires the role to meet specific skill level, salary, and eligibility criteria. Roles on the Shortage Occupation List, reflecting high demand and labor shortages in the UK market. Are also eligible for the Skilled Worker route.

To apply for a UK sponsorship visa, applicants must meet visa criteria, including skill and salary level requirements. Collaboration with prospective employers, especially those experienced in sponsoring workers, facilitates a smoother Home Office visa application process.

Applicants often need to meet English language requirements through various means, such as being a citizen. Of a majority English-speaking country or passing a recognised English language test.

Need Assistance?

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Sponsor List FAQs

What is a Tier 2 sponsor? The Tier 2 route is now replaced by the Skilled Worker visa, requiring non-UK workers to be sponsored by an employer with a sponsorship licence.

How do you get a sponsorship visa in the UK? To obtain a sponsorship visa, individuals should check their prospective employer’s name against the Register of Licensed Sponsors, listing organisations with a licence to sponsor migrant workers.

How much does it cost to sponsor a Skilled Worker visa? Issuing a Certificate of Sponsorship to a skilled worker costs the contact us for cost, in addition to the visa application fee and sponsor licence costs.

Is it hard to get a UK sponsorship visa? The difficulty in obtaining a sponsorship visa depends on individual skillsets, qualifications, and industry demand, with some occupations facing shortages in the UK job market.